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AAA | Indica

Trap Star is a one-of-a-kind Indica-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain. This bud has incredible bag appeal, expecting it will fly off the shelves any dispensary that tries to stock it. Beautiful colours, a sweet and fruity aroma, plus a hilarious pop-culture reference for a name make this a readily marketable product for any shop. 

THC: 25%
FLAVOURS: Berry, Gassy, Diesel, Herbal, Pine
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Energetic, Creative, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy



The Trap Star strain was produced by Exotic Genetix, a cannabis company devoted to creating flavourful and unique hybrid varieties. Trap Star is the outcome of a gifted mind who decided to venture to crossbreed LA OG Kush X The Cube.

Appearance & Aroma

The flowers of Pink Panties are medium to large in size and have a dense, solid bud structure typical of Indica types. The leaves that coil tightly around their central stems are a deep mossy green. Hairy pistils thread their way within the leaves and can range from light orange to a bright shade of pink, granting this strain its name. Specific phenotypes of Pink Panties also produce the occasional patch of purple in their leaves, resulting from anthocyanin pigments spurred by cold weather in the growing process. Milky-white trichomes embrace the flowers and make them resinous and hard to break up without a grinder.

When correctly cured, the nugs of Pink Panties release an aroma that blends the tang of grapefruit with fresh flowers. On closer examination, there are also some astringent tones of ammonia, possibly due to the influence of grandparent strain Chemdawg. Despite its intricate flavour profile, Pink Panties delivers an extraordinarily smooth smoke when combusted. It has a lightly herbal and citrus taste on the exhale; the overall impression is similar to a floral liqueur.

Effects & Benefits

Most consumers who pick up Trap Star do so, intending to use this bud right before bed or n the evening. The high starts with a sense of elevation, as if you mentally moved into an ascending elevator in a skyscraper. You soon forget about your physical woes as your mind quickly expands, and you feel unbound, free to imagine as much as you want. Most users report feeling focused on their tv show or video games while also feeling energetic and creative. A calming influence will soon bring you back down to reality while at the same time relaxing your aches and pains. This Indica makes it exceptional for those that suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and chronic stress. As your body continues this level of peak relaxation, you will eventually be lulled to sleep by the sweet Trap Star. Due to these effects, this bud is not the most suitable to use in the day, as you might end up sleeping the day away.

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