Super Lemon Haze AAA


THC 18-22%

AAA | Sativa 

Unlock the zest for life with the refreshing Super Lemon Haze Sativa strain. Like a tall glass of pure orange juice, the burst of citrus flavour released for this cannabis strain is bound to awaken the senses and improve overall mood. Not only does it delight the taste buds, but it will also get the body going for a productive start to the day.

FLAVOURS: Lemon, citrus, sweet, skunky
EFFECTS: Energetic, creative, happy, euphoric



An 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, Super Lemon Haze credits its original strength and unique citrus-skunk flavour profile to the award-winning Super Silver Haze with a 3-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights #5. To achieve perfection, Arjan of Green House Seeds crossed that by-product with the more popular Lemon Skunk to get the current Super Lemon Haze available in dispensaries throughout the West Coast.

Appearance & Aroma

The medium to large-sized buds is speckled green and brown with a dense coat of resinous trichomes. Every puff of this Sativa-dominant flower gives a bursting mouthful of lemon, citrus and sweet terpenes with a spicy herbal kick of skunk.

Effects & Benefits

Consumers adore the Super Lemon Haze strain as one of the best citrusy-flavoured strains on the market. With the memorable fresh citrus and skunk flavour profile partnered with the long-lasting effects, it is no wonder why Super Lemon Haze has grown such a huge fan base. Users report a creeping high that might require some time before feeling its full effects. Once ultimately revealed, improved mood, upliftment, and increased cerebral activity make this strain an excellent companion for a hike, getting creative tasks or errands completed or social events. Due to its energetic onset, we recommend this strain for a wake-and-bake or afternoon treat.


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