Purple Trainwreck AAA

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THC 17-22%

AAA | Hybrid

Purple Trainwreck is a well-balanced Hybrid (50 Indica/50 Sativa) best suited for zoning out or pain management. This Hybrid has multiple healing targets, including anxiety, depression, and pain.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Citrus, Grape, Sweet
EFFECTS: Creative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted




The Purple Trainwreck strain is a crossbreed between Mendo Purps X Trainwreck. The Trainwreck strain is Sativa-dominant with mostly cerebral effects, while Mendo Purps has the Indica profile and acts on the body. Their offspring, Purple Trainwreck, carry a blend of their best traits.

Appearance & Aroma

The Purple Trainwreck buds have a purple appearance and lemon and berry scent. Lab tests give above average THC content of %17.4 and CBD of %1.5 percent. Purple Trainwreck is great in alpha-pinene terpene, which is a way to recognize it from other strains. Jeff Raber, the President of the Werc Shop in Los Angeles, a cannabis testing facility, shared to High Times magazine, “A terpene analysis is like a fingerprint. It can tell you if it’s the same strain under various names. We can see strains going by several names that have the same terpene profile. We now know those strains are alike.” The lab has examined dozens of samples of Purple Trainwreck and seen a uniform terpene profile.

Effects & Benefits

Medical users choose Purple Trainwreck to relieve multiple ailments, including nausea, pain, migraines, glaucoma, cancer, and epilepsy. Users describe euphoric and energetic effects blended with pain relief. Some report that the effects are long-lasting and usually end in a peaceful sleep. Due to its long-lasting influence, medical patients can dose in the evening and expect lingering pain relief or symptom relief in the morning.

For recreational consumers, the Purple Trainwreck bud is versatile. The Indica side of the flower works for relaxing with friends, watching a movie, meditating, or drifting off to dreamland. The uplifting mood fits daytime use as a passenger on a road trip or a cerebral, creative spirit doing an art project.

Users have reported an immediate mental effect that moved very swiftly into a lethargic, stoned state. Others say that this Hybrid has targeted pain relief, not just a general disappearance of pain, but a particular body part or area that felt better. A balanced Hybrid strain for the medical and recreational user, Purple Trainwreck can satisfy both. The flower works in the body and the mind to provide joy and calm, pain relief, and eventually restful sleep.

1 review for Purple Trainwreck AAA

  1. oli_82

    This is one of the few hybrids that has an almost clear head effects for me. Whether I am at work, doing errands, or relaxing at home or this is a good choice. It has a nice taste as well. Kind of sweet with a smooth inhale. Highly recommend especially if you’re into purple strains

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