Pink Bubba AAA

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AAA | Indica 

An almost pure Indica strain at 80% Indica and 20% Sativa is the Pink Bubba cannabis flower. Most likely best reserved for evening use, Pink bubba offers body-melting physical relaxation alongside dreamy euphoria.

THC: 19-22%
FLAVOURS: Pine, earth, gassy, floral
EFFECTS: Relaxed, hungry, euphoric, sleepy


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Pink Bubba

Pink bubba was created through a fusion of genetics from two of the most globally successful descendants of OG Kush – Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. Both of these breeds are recognized for their remarkably dank pine-like and heavy gas aroma, traits that they’ve passed onto Pink Bubba.

Appearance & Aroma

The appearance of the leaves is light and dark green hues. Underneath are stunning trichomes and amber pistils covering the outside of the bud.

Once opened up, throughout are more trichome layers. The stickiness will stick to the fingers nicely. Smoking this strain provides a notably earthy musky flavour on the exhale.

Effects & Benefits

The high of the Pink Bubba strain will soothe your body with its physically pain melting powers, promoting relaxation and a dreamy sense of elation. It usually ends with munching out then a feeling of sleepiness. This flower is well received for its heavily sedative impacts and ability to take the mind on vacation easing anxiety and depression for as long as the effects last.

This lively Indica hybrid strain is more of a creeper, while most potent strains feel like a swift rush to the head. The high settles in nicely while not overpowering. The results make it a top option for pain relief while not being completely couch-locked, for spending time with family and friends and an excellent Indica to settle in at the end of the night.

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1 review for Pink Bubba AAA

  1. lina (verified owner)

    Got this as a freebie with my first order and it’s a classic gassy type of weed with relaxing/sleepy effects. Helped me with my back pain and helped me fall asleep fast!

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