THC: 20-24%

AAA | Sativa

Named after a powerful psychedelic drug is the LSD Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain. The title given is fitting due to the vivid euphoric experience and strong body buzz that this cannabis strain produces.

FLAVOURS: Sweet skunk, pine, citrus
EFFECTS: Happy, creative, social, calm, relaxed, sleepy

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The heritage of LSD comes from the legendary Barney’s Farm breeding their favourite in-house Skunk #1 strain with the rare and potent Mazar-I-Sharif.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of this Sativa-dominant flower are dense, and the colour of the leaves range from dark to wintergreen. Limited amber pistils and small trichomes make its kush appearance stand out even more. The flavour and aroma of LSD are characterized as heavy on the pine, earth and dank skunk with notes of citrus.

Effects & Benefits

It is a Hybrid strain that delivers the best of both worlds—starting as a Sativa early on with mental stimulation that ignites creativity and promotes social interaction. It then switches to an Indica high that warms the body and eases aches and pains and may help manage arthritis, stress, depression and insomnia.


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