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Blackberry Kush is a predominately Indica cannabis Strain (80 Indica/20 Sativa) with properties that make it a top choice by many people with insomnia and chronic pain. It is also heavily prescribed for those dealing with disorders affecting their ability to cope with stress, nervousness and anxiety. It is those same Indica effects that also make the strain suitable for nighttime use.

THC: 20%
FLAVOURS: Blackberry, Diesel, Sweet
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Mellow, Sleepy


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Blackberry Kush’s exact heritage is unknown though it is estimated by most dispensaries to be roughly 80% Indica. Some say it is a cross between an Afghani, a pure Indica, and one of the Blackberry strains, while others say the Afghani was crossed not with a Blackberry but DJ Short Blueberry. Some think the Afghani was part of a Blackberry strain crossed with a Bubba Kush. Some also believe that Bubba Kush was crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry to produce Blackberry Kush.

Appearance & Aroma

Blackberry Kush’s scent can fill up a room, and it is a real treat for the senses. It has a pleasant fragrance similar to a delicious blackberry smoothie or blackberry jam.
This bud tastes like none other than blackberries. It also blends notes of diesel and earthiness coupled with sweet blackberries for a refreshing and super unique smoke. The best way to describe this flower is to say it tastes like biting into a mouthful of berries when inhaled. The earthy fuel flavour becomes noticeable on the exhale. It also has a delightful berry taste that lingers on the palate.

The buds have the typical Indica dense structure covered with deep green leaves and a purple coat. In some Blackberry Kush plants, the nugs have deep purple calyxes, giving them a blackberry-type appearance. Rust-coloured pistils stand out against the purple hues.

Effects & Benefits

The Blackberry Kush strain is terrific if you don’t have any time to spare, as its effects quickly set in. Blackberry Kush is a popular choice among medicinal users with insomnia, depression, or chronic pain. Some medical users report that this strain can also help to alleviate muscle cramps and spasms. It can also produce some rather intense couchlock, therefore have a comfy place to fall back on nearby. Blackberry Kush reportedly also has an appetite-enhancing impact and antiemetic properties.

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  1. lina

    Just what I needed to help me with my lower back pain. The effects are quite strong and I would say it’s a perfect choice for the end of a long day

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